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This site takes redirected hits from 4 .App’s + 1 .MW:

nubook.app + grinpay.app + xbgpay.app + beampay.app + bitgrin.mw

Cash.App works with your bank and features instant Bitcoin buying. They also offer a free, personalizable VISA debit card with ATM cash-back. You can return cash instantly to your bank (for $0.20) or free (3-day wait). Bitcoin sales stay in your account or route into your optional, VISA debit card. Part of Square, Inc.

Free two hour MP3 music shows are an alternative to radio or Spotify, etc. Punk+2+3


LookMovie Website (extras)

hiccup free streaming

The Man With The Grin” is Mickey O’Flynn…

FYI: components for buying Web TV browsing w/Firefox

Full screen shot using above hardware:

action is perfect, non-stop w/360p

My favorite privacy coins are Bitgrin and Beam. XBG is first b/c their emissions schedule is 5% of BEAM’s and 8% of total supply. Over time, I agree Grin itself is the coin to accumulate b/c of the variety of new wallets, send & receive without addresses, and the sheer number of exchanges & developers

Coinswitch seems better prices. coinswitch.co/?ref=1L1CM4JJW1
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Really professional app, Sign up!

If you wish to learn Bitgrin, send a learner’s request to info@renters.app — I’ll send you 1/3rd of 1 XBG (333mm bgsats) in a .txt file attachment. Once received, open your Bitgrin wallet to – receive by file, then choose the file. Your Bitgrin wallet will now create a “response” file which you must send back to me. You will find this file in your download folder, or possibly your documents folder… When I receive it, I will “finalize” the file and your wallet balance will increase by a small amount. It’s pretty easy. NOTE: As of mid-Nov, 2019 sending XBG to-and-from any of the three exchanges is harder than using Grin. In other words, until XBG exchanges begin allowing slates, it’s just not worth risking the mistakes involved with http(s) sends & receives. Possibly empty your Kingfish wallet to ten XBG to limit your risk.

Download a wallet, https://BitGrin.dev

(contact) info@renters.app (response not guaranteed)


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