Hello renters!

This site takes redirected hits from 4 .App’s + 1 .MW:

nubook.app + grinpay.app + xbgpay.app + beampay.app + bitgrin.mw (https coming…)

Cash.App works with your bank and features instant Bitcoin buying. They also offer a free, personalizable VISA debit card including ATM cash-back. Sell BTC on the app and instantly send cash to your bank for $0.25 or free (two day wait). Run by Square.

Free two hour MP3 music shows are an alternative to radio or Spotify.


LookMovie Website: (extras)

hiccup free streaming

The Man With The Grin” is Mickey O’Flynn…

FYI: components for buying Web TV browsing w/Firefox

Full screen shot using above hardware:

action is perfect, non-stop w/360p

My favorite privacy coins are Bitgrin and Beam. XBG is first b/c their emissions schedule is 5% of BEAM’s and 8% of total supply. Over time, I agree Grin itself is the coin to accumulate b/c of the variety of new wallets, send & receive without addresses, and the sheer number of exchanges & developers

Click on “exchanges” link above…

If you wish to learn Bitgrin, send a learner’s request to info@renters.app — I’ll send you 1/3rd of 1 XBG (333mm bgsats) in a .txt file attachment. Once received, open your Bitgrin wallet to – receive by file, then choose the file. Your Bitgrin wallet will now create a “response” file which you must send back to me. You will find this file in your download folder, or possibly your documents folder… When I receive it, I will “finalize” the file and your wallet balance will increase by a small amount. It’s pretty easy.

Download a wallet, https://BitGrin.dev

(contact) info@renters.app (response not guaranteed)